featured articles: informal education, lifelong learning and social action


explore different facets of informal education and lifelong learning using resources from the encyclopaedia of informal education and the informal education archives
Introducing informal education: What is informal education? Where does it happen? How has it developed?

christian youth work (youthwork) and youth ministry. The theory and practice of Christian youthwork and youth ministry.

Community development. Examine the nature of community development, community work, community organization and community participation.

photo: skylight circus in educationCommunity education.  We explore the theory of community education and some examples of practice.

Community theory and community studies. What is community? How does it relate to other important ideas like association, social capital and globalization? Review the literature of community studies.

Lifelong learning. Examine the theory and practice of lifelong learning and adult education.

Youth work (youthwork). Explore the development of youth work (youthwork) and the current state of theory and practice.